I looove travelling! I’m really deeply in love with the photojournalism photography.

I want that my travelling photos look like not only a picture or a high quality photo but they look in the way you can see things around yourself with your own eyes. However, I would like to show on my photos the internal life of the town, its narrow streets, textures, graffitis, special food, traffic lights, doors, stairs and all the small cute details around to which nobody pays attention. I believe that the life is full of awful thing, and I don’t want that my photos reflect a dark dirty “real” side of the life. I would like to show that there are a lot of beautiful and invisible things around. I want to inspire you with “another reality”!

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20|01|2013 - 10:02 am

Jan - Wirklich unglaublich wie viele verschiedene Ideen du hast! Du schaffst es jedes Bild anders aussehen zu lassen.

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