Olga and Ivan are one of the sweetest and yet most quite couples I have met, and their day was the perfect combination of love and tenderness. I love that they have this sweet, quiet kind of love that is interspersed with moments of complete deep stillness somewhere in their own world…

During the ceremony you could just see their quite smiles but you could feel they love each other so much! In the most emotional moments they hold their hands so strongly. I would like to mention that they clearly have such an amazing support system of people who care so deeply for them, and I know they will always have an amazing community supporting their marriage. It was such an incredibly tender day and such a joy to see these just having a complete harmony with all their friends and family.

Olga and Ivan, it’s been so great getting to know you two and it was such an honor to capture your big day. I know you are going to have such an amazing life together!


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