A day of marriage always reflects the character and emotions of a couple. Typically, clients ask me: “How does a wedding photo shooting go by you? What should we do?” And I answer: “On your photos should be the real you. That’s why a wedding photo shooting must be the way you want. It can be a fast and a crazy wedding, full of action and emotion, or it can be quiet and romantic. If you prefer, we will jump, run around and lie down on the grass. No? So we will walk quietly and do classic portraits. The most important thing of this day is to convey your feelings”.

On the wedding of Ksenya and Andrew even the weather was emotional and surprising! The guys wanted to divide the celebration on two days. On the first day, there was a morning preparation, a ceremony and a celebration party. And on the second day, Ksenya and Andrew wanted to get dressed again and to make wedding photos in a quite situation without guests and stress. It’s very interesting about the weather, on the first day it was sunny and warm, that makes the atmosphere of the ceremony and celebration really happy and ideal. But on the second day, the sky was absolutely white and it was raining! However, the bride and groom weren’t upset at all. They were very positive and happy, because we had a great opportunity to make creative photos under the rain. The idea of the wedding was “cups and teapots” with flowers inside plus the indigo color.  I think that this gorgeous idea together with the rain made the day of guys really unique. I always tell my clients, that there is no cause to be upset about the weather, because unique circumstances help to make unique weddings! This wedding proves it.

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Wedding photographer: Alina Drobner

Wedding dress: Allure

Shoes: Badgley Mischka

Groom’s suit: Otto Berg

Cuff links: “I”

Wedding Rings: Whiteflash

Wedding decoration agency: Lucksherry Wedding

Makeup & Hair: The friend of the Bride

Wedding cake: Azale

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18|01|2013 - 12:18 am

Mia & Finn - Wow, deine Bilder sind großartig!!! Ein echtes Gefühlsfeuerwerk! Wir sind total begeistert!

18|01|2013 - 5:11 pm

Karolin - Your photos are absolutely beautiful!! Grüße aus München!

03|02|2013 - 5:01 pm

Hanna - Sooo schön. das will ich unbedingt auch ^.^

03|02|2013 - 6:35 pm

Jane - So heroic work at such a rainy day, the photos are super!

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