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Wooow! We’ve done our 9-months project :)

As almost every girl I always wanted to have a child and as a photographer I always knew that my pregnancy must be reflected on the photos :) We were only on the stage of planning our baby as I began thinking about an idea for our 9-months pregnancy photo shooting. There are some important points that I wanted to reflect: 1. The sign of months for me & for my husband who took the most active role in taking care about me & our baby. 2. It had to be one place not to distract from us. 3. Different clothes to be not so boring.

So, I was looking over a huge amount different pregnancy photo shootings to get some inspiration. And than I came to the idea that a tablet with months for my husband and colorful balloons in the quantity of months for me will be the perfect answer to all our demands.

I can honestly say, it wasn’t easy. First of all, I didn’t feel myself perfect during these 9 months. It was sometimes extremely difficult and lazy :) to get dressed and to take a camera. Secondly, wow, I needed to choose clothes for 9 months and to select the appropriate in color shades clothes for my husband. I made a list: Month-Color-Clothes :) Funny! but it was a real serious project. I  even made the photos of everything we wanted to get dressed. And of course, I changed everything a thousand times  because you can’t predict how you will look like in 4-6 months, especially when you are pregnant. Thirdly, balloons. I had no idea where I can buy balloons in Hamburg. Do I need to go somewhere every month to buy them? There aren’t such places … The Internet was the answer. We bought our own helium-cylinder; every month our photo shooting began in the cellar pumping a new shipment of balloons. And finally, the place. I couldn’t find a perfect wall next to our house. There is only forest :) The forest changes itself month to month, people going around. It’s a bit annoying  :)

But we’ve done it! It was difficult but amazing! Now when I’m looking back I can say: We had even fun! :) We made a great job capturing these significant moments of our life. We will make a wall with 9 photos and show our precious child: “How we are waiting for our baby!”

So, I would like to represent you our “9-months-pregnancy photo shooting!”

P.S. Above this post you can find the links to each month.

to be continued… :)

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