I always make lots of photos of wedding cakes. They are always so beautiful, colorful and, in most cases, tasty :)

As for me, I really love cooking! About a year ago I was shopping in the center of Hamburg and, by pure accident, I found a professional shop for confectioners. There was everything! Paints, baking forms, flavors, all the cooking accessories and etc.  I’ve found a shop of my dreams :) That day I’ve decided to bake a beautiful cake by myself. Time, time, time… It’s always not enough.  But yesterday I’ve finally achieved my dream! It took about 7 hours and a great work to make this cake. Now I want to show you the result of 7 hours-work :) We haven’t tried it yet, but the ingredients were really tasty. The cake is still waiting for our guests and the dinner!

As usual, there some photos!


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22|05|2013 - 9:59 pm

L_a_n_a - I want a piece of this cake! Could you give me a recipe?

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