This photo-shooting is a great example that it’s really very simple to make amazing love-story-photos with just some tipps.

Of course, the most important in your couple-shooting are feelings. Without your feelings and a wish to show it, we are not able to do anything :) It’s the subject of our work. Secondly, I always say to my couples that they don’t need to plan a long-way trip (3-10 different places). The place helps us to reach interesting and successful shots. If you find only one place (for ex. one park, one coast, one wall or one amazing tree), you can be sure that we will concentrate on your emotions. And you will not spend your strengths on walking but only on smiles and kisses. The third important advice is to take with you some accessories. They help you to relax, to think up new poses and to reflect in the photo-shooting something that is important for you. And finally, when you view the photos, nothing must take your mind off your feelings. That’s why if your clothes, for example, are not in appropriate to each other colors or in different styles, the first you will look at will be your clothes but not you. You don’t want that your clothes take attention away from you, do you?

The most important keys of a great photo-shooting:

1. Your feelings and a wish to show it.

2. A cute place with a good light.

3. Some accessories.

4. Clothes ( Clothes can be very simple but in one style or appropriate to each other colors)

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