Did I tell you how much I love my job? Well if not, VERY much!

The wedding of Alexandra & Daniel was a great romantic experience for me and for my husband who is always with me to help me by photo-shootings. The marriages between people from different countries, between people who speak two different languages and use the third for their love are always full of extremely deep feeling and emotion. Such a loving couple is very rare because they must solve so many “paper” problems to get married. And who knows, such pairs need about two-three months more after wedding to finish all official processes to be finally together.

When I shot Alexandra & Daniel’s wedding I was absolutely smitten by how adorable these two are. Alexandra just has this permanent romantic smile on her face the whole time, and Daniel just can’t stop kissing her. It made it even more amazing that since they had to live in different countries, they were ridiculously excited to have been reunited together that day to live finally together. But I could tell it wasn’t just the excitement of seeing each other after long months collecting the documents; these two have something really special. And it was so amazing to understand that they will be together in two months before the wedding…forever. No more flying back to Moscow, no more goodbyes at the airport, they will be at home in one country. And on the wedding day, those romantic smiles, those tender kisses, and that excitement meant that they were starting their lives together. It was such a gorgeous day and such an honor to capture these two promising forever, surrounded by their friends and family who love them so much. Thank you guys so much for having us as a part of it, and I wish you nothing but the best!



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