The wedding of Christine & Christian – the best “Hamburgische Hochzeit” –  wedding in Hamburg of this summer!!!

Hamburg is an amazing town with its small special details and the atmosphere of a port life. If you celebrate your wedding in Hamburg, the best way to celebrate it is to use the spirit of this great city! Exactly such a Hamburger wedding organized this great couple.

I first met Christine & Christian over coffee in Hamburg, and like all great meetings we spent a lot of time just talking about life before even getting around to the wedding/business stuff. I could already tell a lot about their personalities through the stories they told me, and together they are adventurous and fun loving. Unfortunately, this summer in Hamburg wasn’t warm and sunny. But on their wedding day it was unbelievably sunny and warm. Nothing could stop their both from smiling ear to ear the entire time. Christians’ eyes lighted up when he looked at Christine in the wedding dress the first time! And I bet he thank she is the most beautiful woman on earth. The way they play off of each other is an example of a couple in perfect balance; they just fit and seeing them together just makes sense.

On the ceremony  Christine made jokes through happy tears and laughed with all their guests, setting the tone for an emotional ceremony that was still filled with so much laughter. It was so great to capture the moments after the ceremony, when we went to the famous Hamburger balcony to celebrate the first seconds of their new life. Christine’s dress was whipping around all the time in the Hamburger wind. It was amazing! The guys made some nice wedding traditions with bread from Christian’s native country. Then I was able to make some portraits photos under a gorgeous tree. The wind helped me all the time :)

After that there was the most exciting part of the “after-ceremony-program” –  the famous port and fish market in Hamburg!!! You can find on the photos the great memories of a private excursion on a boat, a German tradition with coffee and cakes, letters in bottles, many Hamburger sights and lots of happy smiles!

I need to mention that it was a two-days-wedding ;) The second day you can find here – The wedding of Christine & Christian – Part 2

Christine & Christian, I’m so happy that I was able to document this important day of your life together! I was so excited to be a part of your great wedding! I wish you more adventures and a sweet life together!

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