Dear Alina,

thank you so much for a wonderful photo shoot you organised for us in Hamburg. Me and my husband Sergey came to the city especially for it and really enjoyed both the photo shoot and the city and it is all because of Alina and Denis, who helped her during the process. I loved the places which Alina chose beforehand and the process itself. You are a very talented photographer and a super professional in your field as well! Sergey says Thank you for making it so easy for him, without tension or strict demands. And I am thankful for the atmosphere and for taking such good care of us, when shooting. Really, Alina knows what she does and how to do it the best way possible for the clients. We will remember this sunny day in Hamburg, and our warm photos will remind us of the good time we spend there. Thank you so much and I hope to keep in touch with you. | Lisa and Sergey

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