Every wedding photographer is probably a bit collector. But he doesn’t collect stamps, coins or books, but he collects emotions and feelings of people on his photographs. This is incredibly interesting! Each person is unique. Each couple in love is beautiful in its own way. And every year my collection of feelings and characters is becoming bigger and bigger. And of course, as every collector I have a dream. I would really like to make wonderful wedding photos, Love Story, or Trash The Dress in the most unique places of the earth. I would like to describe here such places and to show pictures where I would definitely like to make photos. I hope very much that there will be a couple who likes my ideas, and we will bring them together to life!

P.S. For couples, who want to share my dreams, a gift or a good discount guaranteed!



An incredibly colorful fair with sweets and rides comes 3 times a year in Hamburg! Candy floss, all kinds of cakes, caramel apples! This fair is famous for the fact that only the best representatives of the amusement industry and the best cafes of national German sweets can take a place here. It is an incredibly fun and a tasty place! It’s just made ​​for a bright and happy Love Story.

When does the fair come?

Spring | Frühlingsdom:  25|03|1012 – 22|04|2012

Summer | Sommerdom: 20|07|2012 – 19|08|2012

Winter | Winterdom:  09|11|2012 – 09|12|2012




Christmas markets in Europe – this is perhaps the most magical and fantastic time of the year! Magic fills the city! There are only happy and smiling faces all around! The smell of roasted caramel peanuts, pine branches and a warm Glühwein! Everything is decorated with colorful toys, ribbons, and gingerbread hearts. And do not forget about the mistletoe! In many European countries there is a very popular tradition – a Christmas kiss under the mistletoe! The mistletoe symbolizes love and beauty, and it also gives a good health. Could there be a better place for your love Story? :))))

When is the Christmas market opened?

Approximately from 26 | 11 | 1012 to 23 | 12 | 2012

And do not forget! In Europe people celebrate the Catholic Christmas, after that, markets are closed.



France has always been considered as the most romantic place on the Earth. You don’t have to go to Paris in search of romance. In my opinion, lavender fields of Provence are much more romantic and much more beautiful place! And what’s a smell around you! In the lavender fields a wedding dress will look extremely beautiful! So keep your dress carefully, take the groom and let’s go!

When are lavender fields in bloom?

This is usually in June, or early July.





How often have you already read a book or watch a romantic movie, where a romantic story takes a place in the days of knights and princesses? Bruges is the most beautiful, preserved to our days, ancient city in Europe. The incredible architecture, narrow streets, cozy cafes! In addition, Bruges is famous for its chocolate.

When is it best time to go there?

Ideally, it’s, of course, to go Bruges in spring or autumn. In the spring the city is filled with spring freshness and colors. In the autumn, the town will meet us with his orange foliage and a gentle sun.





If you love flowers, and bright colors, the Netherlands – this is exactly what you need. Even when you are only flying over the Netherlands, from the plane you can enjoy an unbelievable beautiful view. All the land is dotted with small squares of all the colors of the rainbow. You will have the feeling that you are in a dream or in a movie. There is nothing else to write. You have to go there and to see it!

I am sure that photos here will be amazing!

When do you need to plan a trip?

The best time is in April or early May, and then tulips will begin to wither.




For the first time I fell in love with this place, when I watched the movie Leap Year (2010). An original and funny love story takes a place in Ireland. During the film you can enjoy the fantastic nature. A cold sea, amazing cliffs, ancient medieval buildings, crystal clear lakes and lush green plains! All images are presented below – shots from the film. I highly recommend watching it. Maybe you will also fall in love with this place, and we will go there to make pictures for the film of your own love story!

When is the best time to go to Ireland?

I think that it is in the late summer or early autumn. So it is still warm, but less sun.



In India the 1st of March is a traditional holiday when people celebrate the coming of the spring and the colors – it’s called “Holi” (in Indian “Holi” – extravaganza of colors). How beautifully it is! You can see everywhere lots of incredibly happy faces, sincere smiles and overflowing emotions. No decorations you need to prepare! Here they are, all around! There is only one empty place! A place for a couple in love or a bride with groom …. And, of course…. Where am I with my camera?! J This holiday is an ideal place for creative photos!


When are we throwing paint?

In the spring, the first of March)




This place is ideal for a couple with passionate feelings! When hearts are filled with joy and happiness! Or for those who like a bright red color and is ready to enjoy it!

When do we go to swim in the poppy fields?

In the end of April-May.







Everyone will like this idea who likes to enjoy the warm sun and to luxuriate in blue clear water. Paradise is always associated with blue water, white sand, the sun, palm trees and fresh fruits. When you’ve just met your soul mate and/or finally got married, you want just to be in a such paradise place where you will not be distracted from each other. Bali is such a realistic paradise for couples in love. Why did I choose exactly Bali? Because I was deeply impressed by rice fields. There is everything: blue water and a bright tropical nature! In my mind all my thoughts are just around good shots. Blue water and rice fields – this is what you need!

When is the best time to go to Bali?

I’ve read that it’s better to go to Bali from May to October. But July and August – the tourist season and there are too many people, and it’s not any more the paradise :)))



In fact, in Germany, cherry blooms in the spring too. But it seems to me that if we went to shoot Love Story in Japan, it would be much more romantic, fabulous and beautiful. We could make very touching, tender and airy photos.

When will we fly to this distant flowering country?

Sakura blossoms from March to April.

P.S. Photos without the logo, presented in this article, are not my property. Unfortunately, I don’t know the authors.


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