The photography helps us to keep bright, lively and emotional memories of one of the most important days in your life.

The wedding day is a unique day!

You will not be able to repeat your wedding day. Therefore it is very important to be assured that each stage will be caught. Ogles, tears of happiness, sincere smiles and wishes are wonderful instants which will fill your heart with warmth many years after. I like creative photos with original ideas and a right composition. However,  classical portraits and family photos are very important components of wedding shooting.


As a photographer and once a bride, I know about such important details, which many people don’t even realize. During my five years as a wedding photographer, I was able to become acquainted with absolutely different couples, different feelings and so many different situations. But I would  have never been able to understand what it is like to have a wedding until I had experienced it myself.


As an art director by profession I’m creating your shooting conceptually like a project.

I know accurately “what, how and when” should be shot to keep for you the atmosphere of happiness!


I’m available in Europe, Russia and anywhere in the world.


I would be glad to make for you beautiful and creative photos!